What's the root cause of your child's struggles?

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The brain develops from the right side to the left side, and back and forth, as a child grows. Early signs of developmental weakness can be seen when comparing left vs. right brain functionality and synchronization.

the science behind the quiz

BrainyAct brain training

Take the Brain and Body Skills quiz to find out. 

This quiz indentifies where those weaknesses might be in left and right parts of the brain by looking at brain functions like detail-orientation, fine motor skill, and auditory processing.  

Once the right and left brain weaknesses are identified, Kinuu's BrainyAct program provides fun brain training activities to fill the functional gaps and create long-lasting neurological changes

Understand how underlying right vs left brain weaknesses may be causing your child to struggle with learning, attention, social, emotional, and behavioral issues that often present in disorders like: 

  • Autism and autism spectrum
  • Dyslexia 
  • Processing disorders

Take this preliminary quiz to see if BrainyAct by Kinuu can help. Download the free quiz now to find the root cause of your child's struggles.

Questions? Call us now:
(952) 444-2808